Management Team

Nancy Murphy / CEO

Nancy is a background checked and certified professional pet sitter through Pet Sitters International. She has also obtained certification in animal safety, first aid and CPR through Pet Tech.

Experienced with administering medications, sub-cutaneous fluids and insulin shots for both cats and dogs, pet parents can rest easy that all of the right things will be done at all the right times. The former founder of Bark at the World, Nancy KNOWS what your animal wants and what you need to feel comfortable leaving your pet for the day, overnight, week or more!

Skilled and knowledgeable in “kind and gentle” praise-based obedience training, socialization, animal nutrition, and rescue dog rehabilitation, Nancy’s Wheaten Terriers have obtained their Canine Good Citizen Certification and have been registered Therapy Dogs.

“We strive to be the person our dogs think we are!”

Mike Murphy / COO & EVP

Mike Murphy is COO and Co-Owner of A Dog’s World. He has years of extensive experience and training in pet care and animal behavior. A lifelong pet owner and trained therapy dog handler, two of his dogs are certified therapy canines.

Michael has experience in administering medications, including subcutaneous fluids and insulin shots in both cats and dogs. He has also raised and cared for two parrots and is very comfortable in dealing with the care and attention necessary with handling birds. He has worked as a foster parent with a dog rescue for several years and is most known for working with rescue dogs that have fear-based issues with humans.

“I have a nickname of ‘The Dog Magnet’. I don’t know why every dog seems to be drawn to me…but I’m glad they are!”

Shelley Osgood / President

Shelley is considered a Master Groomer with nearly a quarter of a century of experience.  She has been a business owner/operator since 1998 and founded Doggy Dog World Rescue in 2008.

It’s hard to say where her true passion lies — since she LOVES the art of grooming dogs and has made her life mission to rescue and rehabilitate dogs and cats.  Shelley’s family consists of several horses, cats and of course, dogs.

She says, “Animals are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!” We consider her the Edward Scissorhands of pet grooming!

Bo Fives / Facility Director

Bo is certainly no stranger to the pet care world and is experienced in Service Dog and Scent Hound Training.

She was Service Dog Trainer at Give Us Paws and Service Dog Express in her “past life”, owns a dog training firm that services the Roxborough area, and has worked at PetSmart as the PetsHotel Manager and lead Dog Training Instructor.

The term “ANIMAL LOVER” doesn’t even begin to describe Bo as she is mom to Jasper Charles (a rescued Lab mix), Rieo (Min Pin rescue), Eli Xavier (her Pug mix found running down the road in Texas), Thrall (a retriever mix born to pack), Lilo (a PTSD Assistance Animal that was surrendered when she was with the PetsHotel) … 11 chickens and 7 ducks!

If you ask her about “why” pet care, you’ll get a variety of reasons: “Animals bring balance to my life. “

“My dogs have always made me feel like a superhero. (while my cats remind me I’m barely worthy to be in their presence.)”

“Being available to care for pets whose parents are away reminds my soul to smile.”

P.S. – She’s also great at training pet parents!

Daycare Hours

Mon – Fri:  6am – 9pm
Saturday:  6am – 9pm
Sunday:  6am – 9pm

Boarding Hours

Available 24 / 7 / 365

In-Home Services

Available 24 / 7 / 365

Grooming Hours

Monday:  CLOSED
Tues – Sat: 8am – 7pm
Sunday: CLOSED

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