Grooming isn’t just about making your dog look good — we’re committed to keeping your dog healthy as well.

We’ll let you know if we spot any injuries or concerns during grooming, and we always keep an eye out for skin conditions like fleas and ticks. Your pet will be bathed with quality products so they’ll have healthy skin and soft, shiny coats.

We’ll gently check and clean ears and glands, clip toenails, and brush and trim their fur. And, each dog is sent home with a little gift — a bright, seasonal bandanna!

But again — looks aren’t everything.  Being allowed to play with the other dogs in the shop can improve your dog’s socialization, and make the visit to the groomer a fun, enjoyable experience!  These extra steps plus the extra TLC we give, makes for a dog that is comfortable with being examined and having their paws and ears handled…so they’ll be more relaxed at their vet visits, too!

What are you waiting for? Let us pamper your fur baby… you’ll both be happy coming here!

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Grooming appointments are managed through our PetExec software system.

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Base Prices:

Small short-haired dogs:  $40
Small Medium/Long-haired dogs:  $50

Medium short-haired dogs:  $50
Medium medium/long-haired dogs: $60

Large short-haired dogs:  $60
Large medium/long-haired dogs: $70

Full groom includes brush, bath, coat conditioning, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, cut and nail trim. A full groom starts at $40 and is based on the size, breed and condition of the dog’s coat. Final grooming price will be quoted by the groomer.



Basic Nail trim:  $15

Nail trim with dremeling:  $20


Small dog: $10 per hour
Medium dog: $20 per hour
Large dog: $30 per hour


Small dog: $10
Medium dog:  $20
Large dog: $30

Anal Gland Expression (without full groom service):  $25