PetExec Help

PetExec is the software program we use for all of our daycare, boarding, and grooming clients. You can easily register for an account online and manage your appointments while on the go.  Let us know if you need help with something you don’t find listed here –

Sign-Up for PetExec

Click here to register and create your PetExec account.

Log in to PetExec

Click here to log in to your PetExec account.

PetExec App - Android

Click here to download the PetExec App for Android from the Google Play Store

PetExec App - iOS

Click here to download the PetExec App for iOS from the App Store

New User Registration

This guide will walk you through the new user registration process. Register as a new client to book daycare, boarding, and grooming with ease.

Upload a File

This guide will show you how to upload a copy of your pet’s vaccine records or any other document that will help us give them the very best care.

View Vaccine Records

This guide will show you where you can view your pet’s vaccines that are on file with us – and when they will come due.

Add/Change Pet Photo

This guide will show you where you can add or change an existing pet photo!  They’re cute – show them off!!

Store or Modify Credit Card

Setup one or more credit cards within your PetExec account to enable faster checkout and streamline purchases of packages and special products.