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We love our Oodles and know you do, too!  However, from a grooming standpoint, they are anything but low-maintenance.  We have posted this article and the corresponding photos based on discussions circulating throughout the grooming community.  Many new Oodle owners are not prepared for the necessary maintenance that is required to keep their coats beautiful.  This is frustrating for both owners and groomers – but it is unnecessarily painful for the dogs!

We’re here to help.  If you have questions about tools to use at home or how to best keep your Oodle in tip-top shape, please ask us!  We are happy to answer your questions and help keep your pup as happy and healthy as possible.

Please read the following article and the view the images that follow.  

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The original Facebook post and photo with credits can be seen here (as long as the owner keeps it public and available).

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